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Hardwood Drive-Over Drying Floors


drive-over crop drying floor


Hardwood Drying Floors

Hardcastle Ventacrop are specialists in the manufacture and installation of Hardwood Drive-Over Drying Floors.

We only use “PEFC Certified chain of custody” high grade “Keruing” hardwood top boards sourced from Malaysia, in the construction of Grain Drying Floors. All our bearers are sourced from an accredited supplier, and are treated with an environmentally friendly water-based “Protim Pre Vacuum” treatment. This, along with our highly experienced installation team, makes Hardcastle Ventacrop, the No.1 choice when it comes to  “Hardwood Drive-Over Drying Floors”. Our floors provide a robust, efficient and low maintenance drying system that will meet the demands of the ever increasing tonnage capacity of our modern machinery, for decades to come.
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